The “new normal” in healthy lifestyle

All three living generations of today will agree that this is the most unique phase of life that they would have witnessed

The relevance of diet counselling during the Lockdown

People are highly stressed these days due to the lockdown and have been bearing surplus responsibility towards their family as well as towards work, owing to the changed format. They tend to put their personal goals on a back burner for this while. However, this is quite a long period to take health for granted. Read More »The relevance of diet counselling during the Lockdown

Easy Ways to Enhance Immunity Naturally

Today due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus, our attention has shifted towards having a robust immune system. The fact that the infection can spread rapidly amongst individuals, our whole focus has now shifted towards proper protection methods.   Although in our lives, pollution is no less of a challenge than the CoronaRead More »Easy Ways to Enhance Immunity Naturally

The Challenge Of A Healthy Lifestyle In Today’s Time

There has never been such a contrast between the two scenarios- one scenario, is the yearning to be the fittest version of oneself, and at the same time, the current environment being at the pinnacle of challenges to accomplish that goal. Awareness, in any situation, can be very empowering. Let’s acquaint ourselves with the scopeRead More »The Challenge Of A Healthy Lifestyle In Today’s Time

PCOD: Symptoms & Diet

Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) is a condition where there is an imbalance in the hormone level of a woman. Women with PCOD produce higher than usual amounts of male hormones. This hormonal imbalance has many side-effects, like: no or irregular periods  tough to getting pregnant extreme hair growth on the face, chest, back or buttocksRead More »PCOD: Symptoms & Diet

Weight Loss Journey tip

On the journey of ‘Weight Loss’, the worst track a person can ensue, is to compare oneself with others.

The Role of Will-Power in Weight Management

You are all set to embark on the journey to lose weight. Healthy foods have been ordered online…Right kind of fruit is now home.

Is Dieting A Myth?

If there’s one term that has been entirely over-used and, often, wrongly understood; it’s ‘DIETING.’ ‘Dieting’ is a very generic term that ideally should not mean inclusion or exclusion of a particular food group; rather it should be a process to calibrate the right amount of each & every food group assimilated in the leastRead More »Is Dieting A Myth?

Lose weight this winter

There are a number of things like yoga, on spot jogging or even skipping, which can be done easily at home or in a group with equal health benefits as those of gymming.

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